On May 16th Marshall Cavendish & Delicious Junction publish ‘In the Crowd’ – a new book by celebrated photographer Derek D’Souza.

The book features 176 pages in full colour, with over 100 unseen images of The Jam.

Looking back over the shots, Weller said “These pix bring back so many memories. It’s nice to see these pix in print after all these years!”

Pre-order ‘In The Crowd’ now at or reserve a strictly limited numbered edition by contacting

Derek D’Souza will be signing copies of the book at Pretty Green’s Carnaby Street Store on Saturday 18th May, between 11am and 1pm.

Video Message - Massive Thanks to Bruce and Russell for this - of course you can have a ticket!!

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Derek D’Souza Interview by Stuart Deabill for Thick As Thieves Personal Situations With The Jam Documentary -

Thanks Paolo Sedazzari and Matteo at Zani Media

“Thick As Thieves Personal Situations With The Jam” Book Signing at Pretty Green Carnaby Street 22.09.12 From Left to Right: Alan Patterson (The Curator), Stuart Deabill and Ian Snowball (The Book Authors), Jon Abnett (The Book Designer), Derek D’Souza (The Photographer)

Book Signing

Book reviews from Amazon

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This review is from: In The Crowd: Images of The Jam (Paperback)

A picture is worth a thousand words and so this book speaks volumes….
Absolute gems capturing both the era and one of the best bands around!

seeing this book, meeting derek, was another great moment in my life as a fan of the jam….. when these pictures first came out around 1981….. the images affected, not only what we were listening too, but also the way we dressed, how we wore our hair & even the shoes on our feet…. the jam were our style monitors…. & derek’s photos gave us new inputs, he caught weller with one of his most iconic hairstyles, & then also, just as he cropped it off….. i remember these pictures so well, i cut them out of magazines & put them on my walls….. to finally meet the man who took these photographs, to thank him for bringing them to us, was a great moment. this book is a brilliant study from one mans eye on one of the greatest bands of all time….. buy this book, you’ll love it….. he helped make me pick up a camera & go photograph bands etc, the energy he captures, will take you back to those days or might even make you pick up a camera?…… thanks derek

This review is from: In The Crowd: Images of The Jam (Paperback)
Did not put this book down until it was read front to back and then again and every picture looked at again and again.
Brilliant unseen images of the band give a real insight into Derek’s involvement. I have met Derek previously and heard some excellent stories from his days photographing the Jam, so I knew this book would be a must have!

Highly recommended

This review is from: In The Crowd: Images of The Jam (Paperback)
This is a brilliant book from a great guy who has kindly shared his deep collection of fascinating images of The Jam! A true insight into how it all went down back in the early 80′s. The large prints for sale on the authors website are also well worth a look! Great collectors pieces that can only gain in value over the years.

This review is from: In The Crowd: Images of The Jam (Paperback)
Not only are the photos and images superb, having stood the test of time (sign of a great photographer) but the story alone is incredible. Highly recommend this book to all Jam fans.Derek deserves your support for his talent, effort and desire to bring this into the public domain.

This review is from: In The Crowd: Images of The Jam (Paperback)
In The Crowd is with out doubt the best book of photo’s and memories of our band THE JAM I had the pleasure of following The Jam throughout their career meeting Derek in 79 at the Rainbow London.It is suiting that this books photo’s taken by Derek should finally be put together for us the fans and Paul,Bruce and Rick + their faimlies to enjoy. Thankyou Derek

This review is from: In The Crowd: Images of The Jam (Paperback)
a wonderful collection of photographs of Woking’s finest , over 170 jam-packed pages . what makes this book special is that Derek D’Souza had managed to get an “in” with the group , eventually being invited by The Jam themselves to a private photo shoot in Chiswick Park . along these stunning images , we get dozens of live shots , but what really sets these apart are that most of these are unseen soundcheck/rehearsal pictures . couple this with Derek’s wonderful tales of sneaking or blagging his way into gigs ( complete with camera ! ) and finally meeting his heroes and you have yourself a fan-tastic souvenir of Britain’s best ever band.

This review is from: In The Crowd: Images of The Jam (Paperback)

Derek D’Souza is like many of us, a fan of The Jam ,but one thing that is different is that he took a very decent camera to the concerts back in 1979 and snapped away at the band playing live until they split in 1982, So good were these photos that The Jam asked him to take photos for one of there singles (Absolute Beginners from 1981)at Chiswick park in West London, he went on to capture the band many more times live, And now you can see his fantastic work in this excellent book, if you are a fan of the jam or just a music fan then this books a must..see how powerful The Jam were live and how derek caught them in all there glory….you won’t be disappointed.