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Derek D'Souza

Derek D’Souza

‘Blink And You’ll Miss It’ – One of Paul Weller’s song titles and oh so true of photography.

Once you press that button it’s done and a moment in time is captured forever…

I was always interested in photography and loved to go and see live bands play, so when my dad bought me my first ‘proper’ camera when I was 18, it was a natural step for me to start taking photos at gigs and combine two of my favourite past times.

To begin with it was very much a case of trial and error – mostly error! Taking photos under stage lighting conditions – is one of the most challenging for photographers – ‘In the crowd’ you are in with thousands of fans, everything is moving – the lights and colours are constantly changing, and the light is never bright enough! It was a case of click and hope at first and then waiting for your prints to come back and seeing how bad they were! With no Google available, I had to figure out the settings for myself and with time and experience (and much wasted film) results improved.

I have never viewed photography as trying to capture on film (memory card!) what my eye sees, but rather what I see in my imagination which means the possibilities are endless. Cameras and lenses don’t work in the same way as the human eye so why treat them the same. A tricky one for the purists but that’s one of the attractions of photography – Rule no.1 – There are no rules! Rule No. 2 see Rule No. 1

While I have taken photographs throughout my adult life, I rediscovered my love for photography a few years ago and I have been taking photos on an increasing basis. The lure of the live gigs has been strong and Last Friday 5th October I photographed ‘From The Jam’ – Bruce Foxton, Russell Hastings & Mark Brzezicki at KoKo Club in Camden (30 years after I last photographed The Jam!). Despite lots of experimentation I was pleased with the results and am determined to resume my passion for this specialist photography.

I have been fortunate enough to have my work published in a number of books and several cd and record sleeves over the years. And have created and designed a number of cd sleeves myself.

This year is 30 years since The Jam split up and there has been a great deal of interest in the band.
I have had photos published in the recently released book ‘Thick as Thieves: Personal Situations with The Jam”, including my own chapter with over 30 photos of mine in the book. I also had several photos used for the recent “The Jam – That’s Entertainment Collection” cd and have previously unseen photos in the forthcoming ‘The Gift (Super Deluxe Edition)’ cd which is released next month.

The Future is bright….